Hoshizaki IM-100NE- Large Cube Ice Maker

From £299.95*
* Storage bin capacity 50kg
* Output of 105kg per 24hours
* Produces large cube shaped ice
* Ambient temperature range +1C to + 40C
* Water supply temperature +5 to +35C
* Automatic rinse cycle

Hoshizaki Ice Machine IM-65NE 25

From £220.49*
The Hoshizaki IM-65NE ice maker, produces large cube shaped ice at a rate of 63kg per 24 hours.
The storage bin has the capacity to hold up to 26kg of ice at a time.
This model is air cooled and uses R134A refrigerant.

Ice Machine IM-65NE

From £219.40*
  • L cube ice Production
  • Produces 63kg ice per 24 hours
  • Storage bin capacity 26kg