11Kg Blast Chiller

From £245.00*
High quality 304 stainless steel interior & exterior (except back)
11kg chilling capacity from +70C to +3C in less than 90 mins
11kg freezing capacity from +70C to -18C in less than 240 mins
Easy programme selection - menu driven dial lets you simply turn to select the programme and push to start

Refrigerated Prep Counter With Saladette Cut Out Corner

From £249.00*

* Capacity 435 litres

* Temperature +1 to +4C

* Maximum ambient temperature 43C

* Stainless steel exterior aluminium interior

* Smart controls reduce energy consumption

* Forced air & 60mm all-round insulation

* High performance cyclopentane foam

* Touch sensitive hidden until lit control panel

* Upstand and drawers optional and selectable below

* Concealed refrigeration system

* Pans and Lids not included