Frequently Asked Questions

Fridge Hire Questions & Answers

Q. What is the difference between a commercial fridge and a domestic fridge.
A. Commercial fridges have larger compressors, evaporators, fan motors and condensers.

Q. What happens if a fridge is moved from vertical position to horizontal.
A. Oil runs out of the compressor into the gas pipes causing the fridge to fail.

Q. What is a gastro fridge, or gastro freezer.
A. Gastro is short for gastronorm which is an industry standard size large pan.

Q. How many shelves come with a hired gastro fridge.
A. Normally 3 shelves is standard, you can request to hire more if required.

Q. Is a Foster fridge better than Williams fridge.
A. Both fridges are equal in quality and reliability.

Q. Why does my hired back bar fridge not chill down after filling with bottles.
A. To chill down a fridge full of bottled drinks can take 12 - 24 hours.

Q. My back bar fridges are in a row against a wall but don't seem to work efficiently.
A. All back bar fridges must have an air gap of 50mm on each side to allow air flow.

Q. Can I run my hire fridge outside sheltered on a nice sunny day.
A. Fridges are designed to work under shelter, direct sun light will stop the chilling process.

Q. I noticed water underneath the fridge, is the fridge faulty.
A. During humid conditions fridges can make a lot of water waste which can spill when moved.

Q. I can't set the fridge temperature, the controller seems complicated.
A. Fridges are preset 2 - 4 degrees, if you need a different setting, request at point of hire.

Q. Why does a hire fish fridge operate at between -2 - + 2 degrees.
A. Fish is best kept at 0 degrees to extend 'Best Before'.

Q. Why does a fridge have a spread between two different temperatures.
A. The motor in the fridge needs to rest, stop start stop start between temperatures is normal.

Q. My hire fridge is showing 'def' I looked it up, it's defrosting, my food will go bad ?
A. The defrost is within the evaporator, nothing to do with inside the fridge temperature.

Q. Someone said my fridge is losing gas, is that dangerous.
A. All fridges lose refrigerant gas over time, normally 10 - 20 years, less on cheaper fridges.

Q. Will your hire fridge fit through my door.
A. We have a range of fridges tall, standard, short, narrow, wide - call for dimms.

Q. How do I move a fridge when is delivered, I've been told they are heavy.
A. Most hired fridges are fitted with casters. Remember tall fridges require two persons to move.

Q. I may need to get a gastro fridge up a staircase or flight of steps, can you do that too.
A. If we have an accurate disclosure of the terrain and number of steps we can make a plan.

Q. So how do you get a fridge upstairs without tilting past 45 degrees.
A. Above waist height a stair climber and second person is required - POA

Freezer Hire Questions & Answers

Q. Does a freezer need any special treatment, or is it the same basics as a fridge.
A. Treat a freezer in the same way as a fridge - see above.

Q. What temperature should my freezer run at.
A. Gastro freezers take 30 - 60 minutes to chill down to -18 degrees.

Q. Can I use a freezer to chill down instead of hiring a blast chiller.
A. No, putting hot food in a freezers will cause the freezer to fail.

Q. Will the door freeze closed running at -18 degrees.
A. The freezer has a special program which keeps the door seal from freezing.

Fridge & Freezer Trailer Hire

Q. What is a 'crash door'
A. A crash door is a door opening mechanism that stops people getting trapped inside.

Q. How long will a fridge trailer take to chill down drinks for 100 guest wedding.
A. Depends on the ambient temperature. 24 - 36 hours depending door opening frequency.

Q. I'm hiring a fridge trailer, will I be able to collect it from your depot.
A. Normally delivery and collection is cheaper than getting insurance cover to tow.

Q. If the weather is bad with the fridge trailer still work okay.
A. Yes, the fridge trailers are designed to continue working in all weather conditions.

Q. With the fridge trailer work in direct sunlight on a hot day.
A. A good quality fridge trailer will cope with direct sunlight.

Q. I have switched on my fridge trailer, opened the door and the temperature has gone up.
A. Run a fridge trailer for 4 hours, then they hold up their temperature better after a run.

Q. If I leave your hired fridge trailer in a field and it gets stolen what happens.
A. If you leave the trailer unattended and it gets stolen you are liable for the replacement cost

Q. Do you have any security devices to reduce the trailer being stolen.
A. We have hitch locks, wheel locks, and you can hire a Tracker for the weekend for £36

Q. Does your fridge trailer hire come with removable or fixed shelves.
A. Shelves are available to add to your fridge trailer hire if you required.

Q. What happens if I lose the key to the fridge trailer door.
A. Call our 24/7 emergency number to arrange a courier service to deliver a replacement.

Q. How do I power a hire fridge trailer in a field or venue.
A. You get a 20m lead with a 16amp CEE form plug to plug into your power source.

Q. I am going to power the fridge trailer from a house socket, will that work okay.
A. As long as the trailer is plugged into a dedicated wall socket and not an extension lead.

Q. If I don't have any power where can I get a generator.
A. Contact they have a full range available.

Q. The fridge trailer I hired is 3000 x 1605 x 2200 mm (LxBxH) - how many litres is that.
A. 3000 x 1605 x 2200 mm (LxBxH) equals 10,600 litres

Q. 10,600 litre fridge trailer seems quite big, do you have smaller fridge trailers for hire.
A. We have fridge trailers that are the perfect size for just chilling cases of wine and beer, etc.

Q. Are there any moving parts or electrical dangers that children could be injured from.
A. The motor is 2m off the ground, so is the plug connection.

Q. Can I hire a circuit breaker to make sure my power supply is safe.
A. You can hire a special RDC circuit breaker if your power supply is old.